→ We’ve come far, haven’t we?

From ideating to creating a platform that loves documents.

And luckily, you guys love it too!

We decided, not to stop striving, and make DocXter even more capable (47.8% to be precise).

And of course, since we’re at it, why not make it perform 3.7x faster, and add 3x AI powers, and more…

Confession: We didn't read your mind, we just heard you via mails, reviews, and feedbacks! ( thanks! 😉)

Result:…..DocXter 2.0!!

Why this update?

It began with an idea, like all great things do.

DocXter came into being, and before we knew it we found you!

We gave out superpowers and the heroes assembled.

We found a fandom, we found our crew.

You guys are awesome, you made it possible!

But somewhere along the line… we felt like something was missing, like if only we could get another perfect piece, the puzzle would be complete.

So we went on a hunt, to see what we could do, and then we heard you

Long story short, here comes DocXter 2.0

New Suit, Same Hero

Well, DocXter 2.0 doesn’t wear a cape, but, it comes with more superpowers…

  • Smart Summarization – Let’s face it, documents can be little, well, complex….TL;DR Never looked so good
  • More Power to You (Use-cases Addition)
  • Collaboration Just got real – Build Your Squad
  • DocXter 2.0 speaks your Language (Literally)
  • OCR (Owesome Character Reading) Capabilities – We Got You Covered!
  • Adaptive Response – Reads your Mind (Well, almost)
  • AI Models (Loads of em’) for Diverse Ops

The AI Model Selecter – Choose your Weapon

General Use:

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo (Default): A versatile option for diverse tasks like getting creative answers, translating languages, and informative answers.
  • GPT 4: Designed to be an even more versatile and powerful AI assistant, capable of tackling an even wider range of tasks. Enhanced generation abilities, improved reasoning, and analytical skills.

Short Text & Quick Responses:

  • Claude Instant: Ideal for situations where you need quick answers or short text generation, like summarizing short articles.

Context-Heavy Tasks:

  • Claude 2.0 (100k context): Well-suited for tasks requiring a deeper understanding of the context, like compiling reports that rely on referencing previous information.
  • Claude 2.1 (200k context): Even better for scenarios requiring analysis of extensive background information.

Creative Text Formats:

  • Claude 3.0 Haiku: Specializes in generating short and creative content pieces.
  • Claude 3.0 Sonnet: Focuses on generating creative yet balanced content and sticking to the prompt.
  • Claude 3.0 Opus: Designed for composing longer and more creative text formats, like scripts, musical pieces, or email newsletters.

High Memory Tasks:

  • GPT 4 Turbo: If your work involves processing large amounts of data or requires high memory capacity, GPT 4.0 Turbo might be a good choice.

No. of Users
They say “The more the merrier” for a reason.

Now Invite your whole squad to the DoX party – more users, intuitive collaboration, more productivity (and fun…..shh, that’s our little secret).

Document History
Now, take a stroll down memory lane…of your documents. Have access to your past document interactions. And talk to em’ at your will!

File Type Supported (DOCX, PDF, TXT, PPTX, PNG, JPEG)
From Word docs to PDFs, DocXter speaks to every document type known to humankind (and maybe a few alien ones, too – we’re not picky).

Early Access to New Features
Be the first kid on the block to play with our shiny new toys!

Early Access means you’re the cool kid who gets to brag about all the latest DocXter bells and whistles.

Priority Support (24-36 hrs)
You’re a VIP, and you deserve Royal treatment.

Need help? Consider it done – our Priority Support team will swoop in faster than a superhero changing in a phone booth.

Instant Chat Support (Coming Soon)
Forget carrier pigeons or smoke signals – we’re bringing you the future of support with Instant Chat!

Because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned instant messaging sesh?

An Addition to Use-Cases

Current Use Cases →

  • Amplify Your Resume – Analyze, assess, and make your resume to pass ATS, and add relevant keywords. Get that job!
  • Make Detailed Notes – turn your notes, and books, into notes that make you excel!
  • Project Meeting – Just upload the meeting agenda, ask anything to know everything, and stay ahead of meetings.
  • Decode Official Documents – Decode official documents with ease and precision. Make informed decisions
  • Plan Your Trip – just upload travel magazines, or informative books on cities, etc. Let the platform plan a getaway like never before

New Addition to the Inventory →

  • Report Analysis – Extract insights, identify risks, and distill key information from long corporate reports into a single memo.
  • Meeting Scribe – Distill meetings into concise summaries including discussion topics, key takeaways, and action items.
  • Second-grade simplifier – Make complex text easy for young learners to understand.
  • HR assistant – Shortlisting candidates based on the job description with a multi-document upload feature
  • Memo-maestro – Compose comprehensive company memos based on key points.
  • Academic research – Summarize and extract key points from research papers
  • Documentation Guru – Decipher every part of product manuals, FAQs, and knowledge bases
  • Email management – Comprehend lengthy emails in seconds, summarise, and take insights.
  • Regulatory compliance – Understand and know your rules, regulations, and policies.
  • IT documentation – Comprehend API documents, code documentation, integration, setup documentation, and process documentation.

Just when you thought DocXter couldn’t get any better…

We’ve covered every document analysis scenario from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to AI Model Selectors.

Prepare to be amazed!

Time to stop Analyzing the Documents. Start DoX-tering them.
It’s worth every credit.