Upcoming Features & More…

Last updated: 23/07/2024


The Next Chapter. Read all about upcoming feature rollouts!

GPT-4o is now available on DocXter (23/05/24)! Don’t think, just DocXter it!

Upcoming Features:

Inclusion of GPT-4o mini by today 23/07/2024

Inclusion of GPT-4o by 25/05/2024


  • Multilingual model expansion to support 30+ languages out-of-the-box
  • Integration of Multi-model capabilities (images, speech, PDFs)
  • Document Preview and Citation
  • Enhanced visualization dashboards and filtered document exploration
  • Collaboration suite upgrades (commenting, version control, granular permissions)
  • Seamless and native mobile app experience


      • Vertical-specific model, persona-adaption, and customizations (legal, financial, academic, etc.)
      • Robust API and native integrations into workspace apps
      • Voice interfaces for true conversational document interactions
      • Advanced automation and report generation
      • Enterprise-grade admin controls, auditing, and security safeguards


        • On-device document AI through expedited inference and model parallelism
        • Cutting-edge multi-model models unify text, vision, speech, and more
        • Highly specialized domain expertise through federated learning
        • Automated document summarization and knowledge extraction
        • Generalized intelligence for open-ended analysis across any documents

        Going Forth

        As you can see, we have an aggressive roadmap to cement DocXter as the most advanced, full-featured document intelligence platform powered by generative AI.

        From multilingual support to voice interfaces and verbalized customization, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of ambient document comprehension.

        Our unified model architecture will enable seamless, ultra-fast cloud, and on-device experiences.

        Enterprises and individuals alike will have an AI assistant to extract insights from documented knowledge like never before!