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Your How to Guide!

From getting started to using advanced features and customization options, our knowledge base provides step-by-step guidance

Icon: Uploading Multiple Files

Upload Multiple Documents

Learn how to upload multiple documents and creating collections.

Icon: How to Collaborate With Documents


Detailed steps to collaborate with your teammates. Excel as a team with DocXter.

Icon: Personalizing Responses

Personalize Responses

Know how to customize and shape your responses according to your specific needs and preferences.

Icon: Bring your Own OpenAI Key

Bring your Own API Key

Seamlessly integrate your personal API keys from industry-leading providers like OpenAI and Anthropic.

Icon: q

AI Model Selection

Choose the write AI model for the job! Diverse range of AI models, each tailored to specific use cases.

Icon: Prompting With DocXter

Prompting with DocXter

Make the most out of DocXter based on how well you interact with it. Know the Do’s and Dont’s of prompting


Upcoming DocXter
Features and more…

Take a look at DocXter’s roadmap and stay ahead of the curve with upcoming features and enhancements.

Use Cases

One Platform, Countless Solutions,
Explore the Possibilities

Boost your productivity with these Use Case guides, examples, and crafted prompts for Accurate and Consistent Responses!


Documentation Guru

Product manuals. guidelines.
White papers, etc. Effortlessly
understand any documentation

Icon: IT Documentation Use Case

IT Documentation

Your trusty companion to navigate the intricacies of codes and data bases with ease.

Icon: Amplify Your Resume Use Case

Amplify Your Resume

Al-powered keyword optimization and enhancements. Give your resume the boost it needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you need to know/learn/understand, upload that document to DocXter, and get learning.
For other question read below…

What does DocXter do?2024-06-20T04:28:44+00:00

DocXter eats up and analyzes books, e-books, research papers, reports, documents etc. and crunches it to give absolutely precise and relevant answers within the document’s context. Try it yourself

Is DocXter FREE?2024-06-20T04:29:55+00:00

Yes, DocXter is completely free to use up to a certain limit. Post that, you can extend your capabilities with the paid subscription. For more, check out pricing

What types of documents does DocXter support?2024-06-20T04:30:21+00:00

DocXter currently supports doc, docx, pdf, pptx and txt. We’re on the verge of adding more file types like images, videos, xlsx, scanned documents, OCR, and more.

Are there any limits to the number of documents I can upload?2024-06-20T04:31:03+00:00

Yes, for anonymous users, the document limit is 1/day. For signed in (and verified) users, it is 2/day. Unlock unlimited document uploads and processing per day by upgrading to the paid plan!

Can DocXter really help, how?2024-06-20T04:33:16+00:00

AI is here and it’s here to help us grow, learn, and evolve faster. DocXter is a modern tool for smart people. It’s for people who value their time, love learning, and of course, futuristic technologies.

Who can use DocXter?2024-06-20T04:34:20+00:00

It’s for people who want to do more with their time. For people who want to use the latest in tech to evolve their capabilities. Students/Individuals/Businesses, it’s for those who value their time, believe in the power of technology, and a smart future. The choice is yours!

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